Theater outside Athens: Drama in Greek Sicily and South Italy

This quantity brings jointly archeologists, paintings historians, philologists, literary students, political scientists and historians to articulate the ways that western Greek theater was once precise from that of the Greek mainland and, whilst, to enquire how the 2 traditions interacted. The papers intersect and construct on one another of their pursuit of a few shared questions and issues: where of theater within the cultural lifetime of Sicilian and South Italian 'colonial cities;' theater as a mode of cultural self-identification; shared mythological issues in functionality texts and theatrical vase-painting; and the mirrored image and research of Sicilian and South Italian theater within the paintings of Athenian philosophers and playwrights. jointly, the essays discover crucial difficulties within the examine of western Greek theater. through amassing a variety of views and strategies, this quantity deals the 1st wide-ranging exam of this hitherto missed heritage.

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