The Frontman: Bono (In the Name of Power) (Counterblasts)

Harry Browne

big name philanthropy is available in many guises, yet no unmarried determine greater encapsulates its delusions, pretensions and wrongheadedness than U2’s iconic frontman, Bono—a truth neither sun shades nor leather-based pants can cover. greater than an insignificant philanthropist—indeed, he lags at the back of a lot of his friends by way of parting together with his personal money—Bono is best defined as an suggest, person who has develop into an unwitting image of a complacent filthy rich Western elite.

The Frontman unearths how Bono moved his investments to Amsterdam to avoid Irish taxes; his paternalistic and sometimes bullying advocacy of neoliberal options in Africa; his multinational company pursuits; and his hobnobbing with Paul Wolfowitz and shock-doctrine economist Jeffrey Sachs. conscientiously dissecting the rhetoric and activities of Bono the political operator, The Frontman indicates him to be an envoy for imperial exploitation, a guy who has became his consciousness to a global of savage injustice, inequality and exploitation—and helped make it worse.

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