The Feminine Matrix of Sex and Gender in Classical Athens

Kate Gilhuly

within the female Matrix of intercourse and Gender in Classical Athens, Kate Gilhuly explores the connection among the prostitute, the spouse, and the ritual performer in Athenian literature. She means that those 3 roles shaped a symbolic continuum that served as a substitute to a binary notion of gender in classical Athens and supplied a framework for assessing either masculine and female civic habit. Grounded in shut readings of 4 texts, "Against Neaira," Plato's Symposium, Xenophon's Symposium, and Aristophanes' Lysistrata, this ebook attracts upon observations from gender reviews and the heritage of sexuality in historic Greece to light up the relevance of those representations of girls to civic habit, pederasty, philosophy, and politics. In those unique readings, Gilhuly casts a brand new mild at the complexity of the classical Athenian sex/gender approach, demonstrating how numerous or even opposing innovations labored jointly to articulate diverse features of the Athenian topic.

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