The Dual Nature of Life: Interplay of the Individual and the Genome (The Frontiers Collection)

Gennadiy Zhegunov

Life is a various and ubiquitous phenomenon in the world, characterised through primary positive factors distinguishing residing our bodies from nonliving fabric. but it's also so advanced that it has lengthy defied detailed definition. This e-book from a pro biologist deals new insights into the character of existence by means of illuminating a desirable structure of dualities inherent in its lifestyles and propagation. existence is attached with person residing beings, but it's also a collective and inherently international phenomenon of the fabric international. It embodies a twin lifestyles of cycles of phenotypic existence, and their unseen driving force ― an uninterrupted march of genetic details whose collective immortality is assured by way of person mortality. even if evolution propagates and tunes species of organisms, the beings produced could be looked purely as instruments for the survival and cloning of genomes written in an unchanging code. What are the actual as opposed to informational bases and riding forces of existence, and the way do they unite as an built-in method? What does time suggest for people, existence at the international scale, and the underlying info? This available exam of rules and proof exhibits community of dualities lies on the middle of organic puzzles that experience engaged the human brain for millennia.

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