Sex on Earth: A Journey Through Nature's Most Intimate Moments

One thousand million years in the past, an incredible revolution happened on Earth--sex occurred for the 1st time. From that second on, the realm grew to become ever extra colourful and peculiar, ringing with intricate songs and dances, epic battles, and rallying cries because the wants of women and men collided, iteration after iteration, in an unbroken chain of intercourse going again to the sunrise of complicated lifestyles in the world. intercourse is in every single place. immediately warring hordes are locking horns, preening feathers, rampaging lustfully around the savanna, wondering the constancy of those they love.

Writing in a brilliantly attractive type, biologist Jules Howard leads readers on a guided journey of the how and why of intercourse on the earth in all its variety. From sperm wars to cuckoldry, hermaphrodites, virgin births, “exploding” penises, and mallards' “booby-trapped” vaginas, Sex on the earth explores and celebrates the wonders and peculiarities of animal reproduction.

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