Return to the Sea: The Life and Evolutionary Times of Marine Mammals

Annalisa Berta

Return to the ocean portrays the existence and evolutionary occasions of marine mammals—from substantial whales and sea cows that originated fifty five million years in the past to the deep diving elephant seals and clam-eating walruses of contemporary instances. This interesting account of the beginning of assorted marine mammal lineages, a few extinct, others extant yet threatened, is for the non-specialist. Set opposed to a backdrop of geologic time, altering climates, and altering geography, evolution is the unifying precept that is helping us to appreciate the current day variety of marine mammals and their responses to environmental demanding situations. Annalisa Berta explains present controversies and explores styles of switch happening at the present time, akin to moving nutrients webs and predator-prey relationships, habitat degradation, international warming, and the consequences of people on marine mammal communities.

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