Orca: The Whale Called Killer

Erich Hoyt

"Hoyt's passionate experience of kinship with orca makes his account powerful as either a technology and literature. He has chronicled his adventures and discoveries ...with grace, perception, wit--and a comprehensiveness that may fulfill even Herman Melville."("Discover Magazine") famous person performers in aquariums and marine parks, killer whales have been as soon as thought of to be too harmful to strategy within the wild. Erich Hoyt and his colleagues spent seven summers following those clever and playful creatures within the waters off northern Vancouver Island, purpose on dispelling the killer fantasy. Orca: The Whale known as Killer is Hoyt's fascinating account of these summers of event and discovery, and the definitive, vintage paintings at the orca or killer whale.

The "Free Willy" motion pictures, encouraged partially via Hoyt's pioneering writing approximately orcas, inform the tale of a captive orca being back to the wild. (Hoyt, in truth, urged Keiko, the orca who grew to become the big name of "Free Willy," to Warner Bros.) yet Orca: The Whale known as Killer tells the genuine tale of untamed orcas befriending people.

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