Life: The Science of Biology

David E. Sadava, H. Craig Heller, Gordon H. Orians, William K. Purves

Co-published via Sinauer affiliates, Inc., and W. H. Freeman and Company.  stopover at the Life, 8th version preview site.
LIFE HAS developed. . . from its unique book to this dramatically revitalized 8th version. existence has continually proven scholars how biology works, providing a fascinating and coherent presentation of the basics of biology via describing the landmark experiments that exposed them. This variation builds on these strengths and introduces a number of innovations.
As with earlier variations, the Eighth Edition can also be on hand in 3 paperback volumes:
  • quantity I: The mobile and Heredity, Chapters 1-20
  • quantity II: Evolution, range and Ecology, Chapters 1, 21-33, 52-57
  • quantity III: crops and Animals, Chapters 1, 34-51

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