King Solomon: The Temptations of Money, Sex, and Power

Philip Graham Ryken

King Solomon had the entire popularity and fortune that any guy may wish. He used to be the world’s wisest and wealthiest king. And but, tragically, he threw all of it away for the affection of cash, the pleasures of intercourse, and the powers of a secular kingdom.

In learning the lifetime of Solomon, we see either the genuine greatness and the tragic failure of our personal humanity—from godly devotion to self-serving extra. Even in the middle of our greatest intentions, we're all vulnerable to succumb to a similar temptations of cash, intercourse, and gear. And if Solomon’s marvelous knowledge couldn't hinder him from such tragic error, then how are we to conquer an identical temptations?

Philip Graham Ryken exhibits us how, by means of the grace of God, to avoid these downfalls and to hunt God’s glory amid earthly temptations via this wealthy, Christ-centered research of the lifetime of Solomon.

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