Introducing Shakespeare: A Graphic Guide

Nick Groom

Shakespeare's absolute pre-eminence is just exceptional. His performs pack theatres and supply Hollywood with block-buster scripts; his works motivate mountains of scholarship and feedback each year. He has given us a number of the very phrases we converse, or even a few of the ideas we expect. Nick Groom and Piero discover how Shakespeare grew to become so recognized and influential, and why he's nonetheless largely thought of the best author ever. They examine how the Bard has been worshiped at assorted instances and elsewhere, used and abused to cultural and political ends, and the roots of excessive controversies that have surrounded his paintings. even more than a biography or a advisor to his performs and sonnets, Introducing Shakespeare is a travel in the course of the international of Will and concludes that even after centuries, Shakespeare continues to be the battlefield on which our very comprehension of humanity is being fought out.

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