Gorgias and the New Sophistic Rhetoric (Rhetorical Philosophy and Theory)

Bruce McComiskey

In Gorgias and the hot Sophistic Rhetoric, Bruce McComiskey achieves 3 rhetorical pursuits: he treats a unmarried sophist's rhetorical technê (art) within the context of the highbrow upheavals of fifth-century bce Greece, therefore fending off the matter of generalizing a few disparate workforce of people; he argues that we needs to abandon Platonic assumptions in regards to the sophists typically and Gorgias particularly, opting in its place for a holistic analyzing of the Gorgianic fragments; and he reexamines the perform of appropriating sophistic doctrines, quite these of Gorgias, in gentle of the hot interpretation of Gorgianic rhetoric provided during this book.


In the 1st chapters, McComiskey offers with a false impression in keeping with selective and Platonic readings of the extant fragments: that Gorgias's rhetorical technê contains the misleading perform of manipulating public opinion. This well known and eventually deceptive interpretation of Gorgianic doctrines has been the root for lots of neosophistic appropriations. the ultimate 3 chapters take care of the character and scope of neosophistic rhetoric in gentle of the non-Platonic and holistic interpretation of Gorgianic rhetoric McComiskey postulates in his establishing chapters. He concludes through reading the way forward for verbal exchange experiences to find what roles neosophistic doctrines could play within the twenty-first century.


McComiskey additionally offers a selective bibliography of scholarship on sophistic rhetoric and philosophy in English considering the fact that 1900.

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