Dali (Temporis Collection)

Eric Shanes




As a one of many superior painters of the twentieth century, Dalí, like Picasso and Warhol, can boast of getting overturned the artwork of the former century and directed modern artwork towards its current incarnation. As irrational as he was once surrealist, this genius diverted items from their unique meanings, plunging them into the acid of his continually churning mind's eye. A megalomaniac and an artist who peculiarly understood the strength of selling and exposure, Dalí disorients the viewer to be able to draw him into the artist’s international. On his canvases, photos and hues crash jointly to specific and ridicule convinced rules, making a subversive eroticism that faucets into the unconscious of the avid voyeurs that we are.

the writer, Eric Shanes, explores the twists and turns of Dalí’s mad genius, commenting at the masterpieces of the painter on the way to exhibit the variety and scope of his expertise, leaving the reader blown away and bewitched by way of this Prince of Metamorphosis. This paintings opens up the candy, mad universe of this megalomaniac genius and invitations us to enable ourselves be triumph over … Dalí is, initially, an absolute.


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