Citizen Keane: The Big Lies Behind the Big Eyes

Cletus Nelson, Adam Parfrey

Teary, big-eyed orphans and a large number of trashy knockoffs epitomized American kitsch artwork as they clogged thrift shops for decades.

When Adam Parfrey tracked down Walter Keane—the credited artist of the weepy waifs, for a San Diego Reader conceal tale in 1992—he found a few surprising proof. many years of proceedings and countersuits published the truth that Keane used to be extra of a con guy than an artist, and that he compelled his spouse Margaret to signal his identify to her personal work. consequently, these weepy waifs would possibly not were as capricious an invention as they seemed.

Parfrey's tale was once reprinted in Juxtapoz journal and encouraged a Margaret Keane exhibition on the Laguna paintings Museum. And now director Tim Burton is filming a film in regards to the Keanes known as Big Eyes, and it is scheduled for free up in 2014. Burton's Ed Wood, starring Johnny Depp, used to be established upon the Feral residence ebook edited and released through Parfrey in regards to the angora sweater-wearing B-film director.

Citizen Keane is a book-length enlargement of Parfrey's unique article, offering interesting biographical and sociological info, pictures, colour reproductions, and appendices with criminal files and pseudonymous essays through Tom Wolfe inflating large eye paintings to these painted via the nice masters.

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