Beyond The Visible: The Art Of Odilon Redon

Jodi Hauptman

stuck among description and dream, the felt and the imagined, French artist Odilon Redon, whose profession bridged the 19th and 20th centuries, remodeled the flora and fauna into nightmarish visions and peculiar fantasies. heavily allied with the Symbolist circulate, Redon provided his personal interpretations of literary, biblical and mythological topics; created a universe of wierd hybrid creatures; and provided panorama in a novel means: we see grinning disembodied the teeth, smiling spiders, melancholic floating faces, winged chariots, surprising plants, and velvety black or coloured swirls of surroundings. With a contemporary present from the Ian Woodner family members, The Museum of contemporary artwork is now the location of the main major physique of the artist's paintings open air France, and this ebook will show off the whole diversity of Redon's various oeuvre--charcoal "noirs," luminous pastels, richly textured canvases, literary collaborations and experiments in printmaking--and will light up the carry his specific form of Modernism has had on either twentieth-century and modern artists.

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