Becoming Fearless: My Ongoing Journey of Learning to Trust God

Michelle Aguilar


As the Season 6 winner of the most important Loser, Michelle Aguilar is going past her grand-prize victory to motivate readers to beat fear.
In Becoming Fearless, readers will detect Aguilar’s motivation not just for profitable the convey, yet dealing with her deep seated fears.  They will realize they've got much to lose as well—whether it’s worry, weight, or insecurities that continue them from residing an entire life.
Becoming Fearless is a narrative of reconciliation among a mom and a daughter, a testomony to the ability of forgiveness, and a reminder that the adventure is much more very important than the vacation spot. it really is an encouragement to  “feel the terror” in any state of affairs with out being paralyzed through it. Will you might have religion in God whilst you’ve misplaced religion in yourself?


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