A Commentary on Thucydides, Volume 2: Books IV-V. 24

Simon Hornblower

this can be the second one quantity of a three-volume ancient and literary remark of the 8 books of Thucydides, the good fifth-century BC historian of the Peloponnesian warfare among Athens and Sparta. Books iv-v.24 conceal the years 425-421 BC and comprise the Pylos-Spakteria narrative, the Delion crusade, and Brasidas' operations within the north of Greece. This quantity ends with the Peace of Nikias and the alliance among Athens and Sparta. a brand new function of this quantity is the total thematic creation which discusses such issues as Thucydides and Herodotus, Thucydide's presentation of Brasidas, Thucydides and kinship, speech-direct and indirect-in iv-v.24, Thucydides and epigraphy (including own names), iv-v.24 as a piece of artwork: leading edge or only incomplete? Thucydides meant his paintings to be "an eternal Possession" and the continued value of his paintings is undisputed. Simon Hornblower's remark, by way of translating each passage of Greek commented on for the 1st time, permits readers with very little Greek to understand the element of Thucydides' idea and subject-matter. a whole index on the finish of the quantity.

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