A Cabinet of Greek Curiosities: Strange Tales and Surprising Facts from the Cradle of Western Civilization

J. C. McKeown

the traditional Greeks have been a superb humans. They gave us democracy, drama, and philosophy, and plenty of types of artwork and branches of technology will be unimaginable with out their impression. And but, they have been in a position to the main outlandish habit, preposterous ideals, and ludicrous evaluations.

Like its spouse quantity, A cupboard of Roman Curiosities, this is often an uproarious miscellany of strange tales and evidence, culled from a life of instructing old Greek civilization. In many ways, the publication demonstrates how a lot the Greeks have been like us. Politicians have been considered as shallow and self-serving; obese humans resorted to unbelievable diets; Socrates and the king of Sparta used to entertain their kids through using round on a stick pretending it was once a horse. after all, their alterations from us are abundantly documented too and the ebook might depart readers with a couple of incredulous questions. To thrust back evil, have been scapegoats thrown down from cliffs, although geared up out with feathers and stay birds to provide them a wearing likelihood of survival? Did a werewolf quite win the boxing occasion on the Olympic video games? have been prisoners published on bail so they may well take pleasure in dramatic fairs? Did a person rather think that Pythagoras flew approximately on a magic arrow? different such mysteries abound during this quirky and richly illustrated trip into the "glory that used to be Greece."

"The most lovable factor at the black earth."
Sappho of Lesbos

"Well worthy getting a copy."
Pisistratus of Athens

"Meticulously written, a needs to for each library."
Ptolemy of Alexandria

Atlas the Titan

"Fantastic! Incredible!"
Cassandra, priestess of Apollo

"The perfect gift."
Laocoon of Troy

"Not too long."
Callimachus of Cyrene

"I locate anything new each time I dip in."
Archimedes of Syracuse

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